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30 May 2023 at 18:23:06

We helped write a letter to the President of Poland and the Ministry of Justice regarding the children of Mr. Witold Kowalski

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The letter has been written and Mr. Witold is sending it right away. This is another of our cooperation for several years to save children, not only of Mr. Witlod.

We hope that one of the magazines will reach the hearts of people and make them open to people, especially children.

Here is the content of the letter:

"To the President of the Republic of Poland and the Ministry of Justice

I am re-applying my case, and my children abused for years by their mother, which was proved in court with the court order for the children to live with me.

To this day, the offices have not taken any steps to carry out the sentence and to protect the children so that they would not suffer the fate of many children tortured to death under the supervision of these offices.

The last case like mine was: killing Kamil by torturing his mother and her stepfather, where, like me, the father reacted to the offices that contributed to it. The case is famous throughout Poland, as well as mine, with the difference that the offices have not yet contributed to the death of my children, but to the disability they did. Documents show which offices, which people and forms of mental and physical violence were used on my children with bodily violation in order to harm or kill them, even by strangulation, or attacks with a tool in hand.

As a father with a sentence in hand, I am trying to protect my children from harm, and also the employees of various offices from further breaking the law and contributing to the abuse of my children, and from contributing to their killing.

The authorities are already to blame for all the injuries to my children, just as they are to blame for the damage to the famous Kamilka case. The death of this child shows that my children are in even greater danger in Poland than I thought, and therefore I am asking for an urgent, immediate response. If it is not possible in my country and the country of my children, I am asking for such a reaction, or I will ask institutions outside the country, including the EU, of which we are a member and have many child protection laws.

I cannot look at the suffering of children in Poland, including mine. So I am asking for an immediate help, and an urgent answer what help will be provided with the details and time. Thank you

Kind regards

Mr. Witold Kowalski, Hubert - son, Gabrysia - daughter"

It's a shame that such letters have to be written.

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President Pawel Jankowski

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