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21 October 2023 at 18:40:42

UAWF support for the State of Palestine

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Due to the suffering of the occupation of the State of Palestine, where the Holocaust has been carried out for 100 years, and the ethnic cleansing of thousands of innocent children, we not only show our support to all those affected: Palestinian Muslims, Palestinian Christians, Palestinian good Jews, other religions, other nationalities helping Palestine, who are also killed. More information on this topic on Tik Tok:

in Polish:

On Youtube:

We also provide financial and any other assistance requested by the Palestinians to the best of our abilities. We are sending money to the State of Palestine to help all those affected there and if you also want to join us, we invite you.

You should write Free Palestine in your donation, but we will allocate all the funds we have to Defending Palestine, so it is not necessary.

To donate to those in need, please go to the site: Donate Us - Donate People and donate to the given foundation account.


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