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11 July 2023 at 11:02:20

The foundation donated £100 to those in need!

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Our International Help Organisation donated £100, or approximately PLN 520, to a fundraiser run by the Muslim community on the gofundme website, entitled: Legacy of Z Khan Supporting His Journey Beyond.

Donations from the collection will be donated to help orphans in orphanages, as well as the sick and needy, who are affected by fate, as is the case with Zahid Khan and his family. You can read the story described by the family on the gofundme website.

UAWF helps many people around the world thanks to the generosity of donations you give us. 100% of the donations we receive are passed on to others on your behalf. As you can see, we also work with others to reach the poorest and needy in the farthest corners of the world.

You can also help by making donations to those in need or by supporting our activities.

More information can be found on our website

Remember that we operate only with donations for the operation of the foundation and for this there is a separate account, advertising, services, For HEROES store, etc. We can only operate thanks to YOU and your decisions about our support, so if you can visit us and see how you can support .

Thank you

Yours faithfully



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