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2 January 2024 at 12:21:02

Happy New Year 2024 and "Give Them a Heart"

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Happy New Year 2024

We wish all those in need health and happiness, and we wish everyone who helps others strength and perseverance in what you do.

We will start the New Year by sending parcels to children in orphanages, which contain things from you: data, sent, or purchased from donations under our joint campaign "Give Them a Heart".

We will show the next steps, i.e. Packing, Sending, etc. Let's enjoy it together.

We talked to the Atena Orphanage that the parcel would be sent in the New Year. We waited for the rest of the stuff.

The Give Them A Heart campaign has already started again and we are collecting the items and donations mentioned in it throughout the year, so we invite you again. We would also like to thank everyone who takes part in it in any way: donations, things, shares, likes, etc.

Thank you to all the Heroes of Our Times!

UAWF 2024

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