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6 February 2024 at 15:48:05

Happy Birthday for the UAWF. 5 Years of activities for those in need.

Reklama UAWF


We would like to thank everyone who works in UAWF as volunteers and supporters. We have been working together for 5 years and together we provide the necessary help, so all the best.

We have made donations, debts, collections, protests, letters, physical rescues and many other things.

We've also started building our store and advertising for you, and things like that that allow us to sustain the foundation.

We have extensive operations in Great Britain and plan to build similar ones in Poland.

We also have many other activities for the future and those that we are currently implementing.

All thanks to you supporting us and giving a lot of yourself to help others. You are the Heroes of Our Times.

Thank you for everything. Happy Birthday Everyone!

UAWF 2024

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